Home Staging Saratoga Springs: Proven to Sell Homes Faster

Home Staging is a term that is being used more than ever before but is it just a buzzword or does it really work? It is important to hire someone to give your home staging tips or do the staging for you that is trained in home staging.  Accredited Staging Professionals are trained in not only the aesthetics but also the psychology too. 

Homes staged by an Accredited Staging Professional on average are on the market for 11 days opposed to unstaged homes being on the market for 90 days. Not only do the staged homes sell faster but they sell for 17% more! These statistics are based on Today's Market. The survey was conducted by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals and stagedhomes.com.  These statistics may vary in your market, but it is undeniable that having an Accredited Staging Professional is a great investment in your home selling process.