Home Staging Saratoga Springs: Proven to Sell Homes Faster

Home Staging is a term that is being used more than ever before but is it just a buzzword or does it really work? It is important to hire someone to give your home staging tips or do the staging for you that is trained in home staging.  Accredited Staging Professionals are trained in not only the aesthetics but also the psychology too. 

Homes staged by an Accredited Staging Professional on average are on the market for 11 days opposed to unstaged homes being on the market for 90 days. Not only do the staged homes sell faster but they sell for 17% more! These statistics are based on Today's Market. The survey was conducted by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals and stagedhomes.com.  These statistics may vary in your market, but it is undeniable that having an Accredited Staging Professional is a great investment in your home selling process. 

Living Room Makeover

Do you have spring fever?  It has been a long winter and as the sun is staying out longer you may have decided you need a living room makeover to go with the new season.  Switching out your window treatments is an easy way to give your living room a makeover! New curtains are the perfect way to shake up your room and, not hurt your wallet.  Simply changing out the drapes in your space can provide a dramatic difference. 

Living Room Makeover

The living room above features heavy brown burlap drapes that are great for the fall and winter and help to create a cozy feel for this living room. Below is the living room makeover with curtains that are lighter in color with a fun pattern.  The new curtains help to make the space feel light and breezy, perfect for the spring and summer!

Switching drapes is an easy living room makeover trick that is easy on your budget! It is also great to move drapes around from room to room to give an instant makeover for zero dollars!

Kitchen Makeover

This kitchen in a small house of about 1,000 square feet had been customized to someone with very specific taste and it was time it had a kitchen update to make it more appealing for resale!

Walls & Flooring

The first thing to do was was to paint and get rid of the intense red color! We went with Behr Buckwheat Flour, it is neutral without being totally boring! The flooring was also replaced with the same hickory laminate that was being used in the rest of the downstairs.  This made the kitchen feel less cut off from the rest of the house.

Cabinets & Countertop

The layout of the cabinets was the best layout for the space and were in good condition they just needed a thorough cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap and then a coat of Liquid Gold. The Liquid Gold replenishes the oil of the wood and really makes the cabinets look good!  The old white laminate was taken out and replaced with a granite inspired laminate. The new countertop adds some interest updates the space. New sink and fixtures were also installed.

Kitchen before and after


The only one left was a gas stove and hood.  They were both in good condition other than needing to be cleaned but we decided to give them to someone who needed them and replace it with a new stainless steel gas range and a microwave with built in hood. The space for the refrigerator is situated under the stairs going up so it actually sits back from the cabinets giving the kitchen a more open feeling. A new stainless steel dishwasher was installed after modifying an existing cabinet to make room for the dishwasher.

Lighting & Breakfast Bar

The two recessed lights over the sink had seen better days while still functional the red paint did a number on them.  They were replaced with LED recessed light kits and they are energy efficient and much better looking.  The overhead light was replaced with a clean and modern glass and chrome fixture. Opening the area that is now the breakfast bar made a big difference.  Originally there was a wall cabinet elevated on a wood support that made the countertop 48” tall.  There was then a small wall cabinet over the cabinet.  By removing the cabinets and bring the counter to a bar height of 42” we gained additional eating space and opened up the kitchen to the dining room.  

Breakfast Bar

Chalk Project

The electrical panel is located in the kitchen and has a cabinet door over it.  A few coats of trim paint and chalkboard paint on the recessed panel turns an eyesore into a functional bonus!

Chalk board electrical panel cover

3 Reasons to Hire and Interior Designer

Should I hire an Interior Designer is a common question to ask yourself while starting to think about the space you want to refresh.  Sometimes Interior Designers are perceived as only being for the wealthy or TV show participants.   Interior Designers add value to everyone’s project from the person that has no idea what they want to the person who has an idea but needs help getting there.

3 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

#1 Save Money

It may seem counterintuitive that you will save money by hiring a professional on for a job you were considering doing yourself but, hiring an Interior Designers can save you from making expensive mistakes.  Having a superior knowledge of materials, finishes, and the design process Designers can help your project stay help your budget and timeline stay on track.

#2 Professional Evaluation

An Interior Designer can give you a professional evaluation of your space.  This will give you a fresh perspective and help you determine your design plan. Having a trained eye help you with what should be repurposed and what you should invest in helps you use your budget more and time more efficiently.

#3 WOW Factor

When you spend time and money working on a project you want it to WOW you and your guests!  Interior Designers are trained to not only be able to create a vision of a space from your needs and desires but to make the space unique. Designers think outside the box to make the space not only wow but also function.