Newspaper Office

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What we did!

This space was recently purchased by the newspaper to expand their office and create a space to hold community events, host meetings, space to do interviews for broadcast on their website, and they work a lot with the school district and wanted some space that we could tackle projects with students. We did a full renovation, every surface was touched, ceiling, walls, and floors. We took down several wall to create a communal work space, lounge and a casual meeting area, conference area and , interview space. We updated the space with a more modern feel and brought in some mid century touches to pay homage to the newspapers early roots. A gallery wall showcasing the newspaper's award wining photos is an accent wall that anchors the otherwise light and airy space.

Key Features:

  • More light! A new lighting plan added 13 recessed light and 5 pendants to the space!
  • In the conference area a large window shade is also a screen for predestination's to be projected on. We also used Bluetooth speaker light bulbs over the conference table to make presentations easier! 
  • 3D focal wall with color changing LED lighting with custom signage. 
  • Comfortable mid-century furnishings with custom color block throw pillows. 
  • Gallery wall displaying the newspaper's award winning photos